The Earth is OUR Gym

Re-ignite your body under glittering Pacific views of a sun-soaked beach with powder-soft sand


Beach sand made it extra difficult, Suns out, weathers great. It was tough in moments, but Thomas stayed patient with me

Andres M.

Beautiful beach, mind and body connection gave me just what I needed to have. The sand, Sandbags.. yes, its working


What a glorious way to start a Saturday!  Using body weight movements and T3 weighted bags for  resistance training.  I highly recommend checking out this class!

Julie M.

There is no other form of functional training that has had this much impact on my foundational fitness. It is holistic and it works.

Jill R.

I definitely recommend "Earth is Our Gym" for those looking to get in Shape/Healthy. I had only a few sessions and I've already seen results.
Take a day and meet up at the Beach its totally worth it.

Kurt G.

Being outside in the sand, connecting with the ocean and getting barefoot in the sand healed my body.  I am stronger today. I bought the T3 Bag to follow the routine. Now its a lifestyle for me.

Elena R.
Experience the difference