The competition is fierce!

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So why are kids quitting team sports? ESPN conducted a study and shared why girls and boys skip team sports.

Kids are quitting team sports it seems. But, why? What else is catching their attention? Let's begin with the examples set on social media by young, multi-talented, multi-millionaire in some case billionaire influencers like Kylie Jenner, @HudaKattan, @camerondallas, @Zackking. In business there are App developers, Ryan Orbuch or Alexandra Jordan, or musically, artists like Cardi B, Ariana Grande and many more. All Less than 28 years of age!

What solutions are available?

We could start by addressing some of the reasons kids leave. For starters, what if we introduced activities that,

a.) Reduce worry of injury for the athlete and for the family.

b.) Increase the fun and camaraderie

We are competing with top young social media influencers that have fun, see the world and make money. Some of them are fitness trainers, yogis, or have been athletes at some point. Why not start there?

How many club owners integrate Yoga with Strength and Conditioning programs into their sport?

The National Strength and Conditioning Association asserts that the top benefits for incorporating Strength and Conditioning are:

1. Preparation for the Future-Strength and conditioning training has a significant role in ensuring that young athletes become more coordinated, stable and robust as they advance through their athletic careers.

2. Reduced Injury Risk-Strategies of how to correctly stabilize the core, distribute bodyweight and resist force are all areas which can lower the risk of injury.

3. Increases in Strength- Individuals who train twice per week, on average, have 33% higher strength gains than their once session per week counterparts. Stronger athletes perform better, are more trainable and have the most long-term success.

4. Smaller Incidence of burnout or overspecialization-Early adoption of specialization can lead to burnout, overuse injuries and potentially social isolation.

5. More enjoyment in movement and physical activity for a lifetime-Strength and conditioning is a way to learn how to positively impact movement quality through mobility and movement training.

Yoga, too plays an essential part in preparation, mentally, physically and inspirationally!

According to the article in The top 5 benefits for yoga are:

1. Regular yoga practice helps prevent injuries and speeds recovery from strenuous workouts.

2. It helps with breathing, flexibility, strength, confidence, energy, balance, concentration, endurance and injury prevention.

3. It helps prepare young athletes in learning how their bodies work. Proper yoga instruction teaches body mechanics and enhances body awareness.

4. Yoga teaches players how to harness their breathing and focus on the present. Being able to visualize the next shot in basketball or hit in football can help improve their game.

5. It teaches players how to slow down, regenerate from their strenuous workouts and relax. With the intense pressure to do well in school and sports, most kids don’t take the time to reap the benefits of their hard work.

What does this mean today?

That right now is a perfect chance to introduce and teach activities that reduce the risk of injury, make better players, expose your kids to other quality coaches while easing the minds of the parents.

As a Club owner or Coach of soccer, volleyball, basketball, football even cheerleading team (any team sport), if you haven’t already, consider adding Yoga and resistance training to your athletes’ program. The upsides are the gifts that keep on giving long after they leave the sport. It’s a winning formula.

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5 Benefits of Strength and Conditioning Training for the Young Athlete

Dylan Mudlo, MS, CSCS This article originally appeared on Dylan Mudlo’s blog, Iron City Elite on June 25, 2015.

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