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      "Beach sand, extra difficulty with the sand, suns out, weathers outstanding and the workout kicked my butt! The instructor was patient with me, thank you "

      -Andres Z

      13 FEB, 2020 9:00 A.M-

      "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, it will put you through a cardio and muscle workout"

      -Kabir K

      11 FEB 2020 10:30 A.M

      "What a glorious way to start a Saturday! Training my body in the sand, supported by community. The teachers are truly what makes this special. You will work hard and have fun doing it. Using body weight movements and T3 weighted bags for resistance training. By the time we got to the meditation part of the session, I was ready to lay down. Only to sink into the sounds of the waves.   I highly recommend checking out this class!"

      -Julie M

      15 SEP 2017, 14:42


      What to expect?


      10+ years of collecting data using Heart Rate based zone in Metabolic Conditioning, H.i.i.T. and Tabata training modalities have consistently demonstrated that a clear path to physical change is through accountability combined with personal knowledge of how your body burns. If you have a wearable, please bring it!

      In 5 minute blocks using Giant and superset training exercises in combination with plyometrics, we progress through a total body workout. Beginning with Dynamic Yoga warm-ups to Balance & Stability, to Core training supersets with Sprints. The last 30 minutes involve lower and upper body resistance training. The session concludes with cool-down stretches, yoga and, meditation.

      What to bring?

      Bring a large beach towel, water, and a willing attitude. If you use an Apple, Fitbit, wearable etc. please bring it.

      TOP 5 Benefits of Sand-Beach training

      How do I join?

      Please R.S.V.P. via text message with name and contact details at 323-272-1590. Or sign up here on this website. Max 10 people, limited spots available. Max guest (1)