5 products

      5 products

      Your gym will always be open with the T3 Bag. Its 5-powerful tools in one are designed for you to take charge of your fitness anywhere, anytime. Experience the difference with the earth as our gym to reconnect, recharge, and learn new and effective ways for the mind, body, and soul transformation. 

      Fill your T3 Bag with sand (approved filler) and now you have a Sandbag perfect for Squats/Deadlifts, curls, or any other exercise. Use the muli-positioned handles for easy conversion into a Dumbbell/Kettle bag for single-arm or single legs core movements. Position it as a Yoga block to support your body in cool down movements or the strap as a stretch-assistance tool.  

      Your T3 Bag arrives with: 

      2-Internal Fill bags

      1-Shoulder Strap

      1-Carry Bag

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