Physical fitness is rooted in two components: nutrition and activity. And to stay healthy, we need to invest time in both. Unfortunately, our busy lives, schedules, & businesses can create barriers to our fitness needs. Around 56 million of us are so busy we need to be told by our doctors to find a better balance.

So, where to begin? Barbells, kettlebells, yoga blocks, resistance bands? I'm sure you've heard yourself say, "OMG! WTF! It's too much. I'll start tomorrow." For many of us, tomorrow is always tomorrow! And here's the kicker, "If I don't have time to go to the gym, then I better order out for pizza! Too tired to cook!"

The T3 PowerReady System emphasizes a three step method; Train, Track, & Transform

It’s an entire gym in the palm of your hand. It will change the way you eat and workout forever. In as little as 90 minutes a week, you can challenge your current fitness level, create a new habit and prevent disease; all you need is the T3 PowerReady System.


“Anyone that leads an active lifestyle & that's always on the go should have this product! The T3PowerReady system brings strength conditioning on the go.”



1. Train 

The first step in T3PowerReady System training. I designed the T3Powerbag as the answer to achieving as well as maintaining a higher level of fitness. 

1. It's only heavy when you need it to be. (after you’ve filled the bladder with whatever weight you’ve chosen—sand or even rice.)
2. It's simple to use. (Follow the movements on our Youtube channel)
3. Its filled with sand. (so its safe on joints, ligaments, bones). 
4. It's Versatile. (can be used as a Heavy bag for squats, deadlifts, curls, Kettlebag for swings, or Yoga Block) 
5. It's Portable. (converts into a duffle-bag for transporting life's' simple items).  

Take a look (action link) on our Social media platforms for training programs which demonstrate how to reach different goals—core strength, muscle building, fat loss, targeted aesthetic gains; the list goes on and on!

New to fitness, Take 5 (minutes) with T3 Level I program—to learn what will work for you. 
Experienced Athlete-Then, the Level III programs, utilizing Tabata, Giant, Tri-sets, and Supersets will challenge you. 

The T3Powerbag can aid you in resistance training for hundreds of exercises, including:



Farmer’s Carry



Shoulder Presses

Bent over rows

Chest Presses

I have adapted exercises from multiple trainers that are very effective in burning fat and building muscle for specific sports like beach volleyball, boxing, weight training, MMA, hiking, track, football, OCR (obstacle course racing), yoga, surfing, and many more. What is your sport? Lets create you together! 

2. Track

Accountability works! The American Society of Training and Development conducted a study that shows accountability can increase our odds of success by 85%. In the past, paying high membership rates to join a gym, or hire a personal trainer, were the most reliable ways to gain accountability.

Now, all you need is the T3Powerbag, a phone, and at least 90 minutes every week.

We know that fitness is physical—eating and exercising. Its Wellness. Which includes spiritual

Keeping motivated to work out and eat right can be daunting and intimidating. T3PowerReady’s is designing an app with a fitness and nutrition tracker that will streamline the way you get healthy, and make it fun while you do it.

With the T3PowerReady app, you’ll have:

  • A state-of-the-art fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate, intensity and calorie burn.

  • A whole community of people using the T3PowerReady.

  • Access to example videos and training programs to help you meet your goals.

  • Training programs tailored to your fitness level, designed to help you reach peak health.

  • A macronutrient tracker, combined with the caloric burn rate to calculate deficit so you can decrease body fat or increase muscle.   

3. Transform

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

When we track our progress, we become aware of what causes transformation. With the T3PowerReady system, transformation is inevitable.

The app will show you what foods support your personal fitness goals, and how to manage calorie deficits for fat loss and macronutrient tracking for muscle gain.

Our community will be there to support you and cheer you on, offer you advice, or even inspiration to help you keep going on your health journey.

Having access to a wealth of your own personal data so you can track your progress is priceless because no two bodies are the same. Rather than searching for data that applies to the generalized population, you’ll have your own information at your fingertips so you can track the trends your body responds to.