T3 PowerBag - Large

T3 PowerBag - Large


T3PowerBAG - My favorite size! New to fitness or a long time lifter. This bag is great for compound movements like Deadlifts, Squats and floor presses. Also great when used as a bench in tandem with small or medium T3Powerbag movements (Shoulder press, Elevated Bulgarian split squats to name a few). A versatile open compartment that easily fits 3 Volleyballs/ or any combination of towels/water bottles etc for that amazing beach workout session. Fill up to 65lbs for SandBell application movements.  I keep my large T3PowerBag Fill with up to 110lbs of Bali/Cali Sand for those Take5 with T3movements to begin my day.  Weight varies with alternate fillers. (Rice or larger particles) 


Manufactured from Military grade 100% Ballistic Nylon waterproof material. Includes a 17" shoulder strap which expands to 31". Easy reversible construction which allows easy access for maintenance/cleaning, filling and/or removal of up to 110lbs of sand and or approved material.  When not in use, rolls compactly to 11" in diameter and 12" in length for convenient storage in luggage for vacation or business travel. 8-7" handles all around the bag allows for one to complete any movement out of the gym that is performed in the gym. Each bag is designed to carry a yoga mat, water container, and towel. 5.5" x 7 pocket zipper allows one to keep phone, wallet, keys or anything else they desire to fit in the space. 

Machine Washable | Shipping weight 2 lbs. 


Price Includes T3PowerBag | 1 bladder | 1 shoulder strap. 

1-year Warranty from date of purchase. 



Allow two weeks for delivery. $15 Shipping cost anywhere in the continental US. (based on quantity).  International shipping outside of the U.S. please click here. 

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From the Large to Small, each T3Powerbag converts into a KettleBag for Single Arm movements. When totally empty of sand, your T3PowerBag rolls up to fit compactly in a suitcase or bag for travel or storage. Strap shown comes in handy for any static stretching movements.