The Birth of T3 PowerReady

Learning how to live in the greatest peace, partnership, and brotherhood with all men and women, of whatever description, is a moving and fascinating adventure. - Bill W.
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These words summed up for me what was soon to be the focus of my moments. This energy was the driving force for me to seriously consider that personal training is more than just a passion. It is behind my desire to design this bag. 5 years ago, on the beach in Bali where I regularly retreated to in order to run, jump and play, came an idea. What would training people in this space look like?


I immediately thought of the many aspiring and professional athletes of football, basketball, baseball, and all the rest that make the trip to the beach to improve in strength, power, agility, and awareness!  Then! I thought of Beach Volleyball Players! Those amazing athletes that bust their butts in the sand running, jumping and playing with passion. How can I produce a tool that just makes sense? With an overall focus on using the Earth as Our Gym.

So, here it is after about 30+ iterations I finally have a tool that transformed my dream of serving the beach community a reality. My first product purchase stateside was from BVNEvents and Daron Forbes of Endless Summer Beach Volleyball Camps. Then came Jeff Smith of 692 West in San Diego; Angel Cholo of SD Beach, then came a major University gave me the green light… and a host of other schools circling for a landing. I am grateful to you for investing in your students, athletes and me with T3PowerReady Systems.

The door was open in Singapore, Bali and now Cali to bring the convenience of resistance training to the beach. We gained greater attraction while working with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Clubs like Workout LA and Coach Scottie. Confirmation from Volleyball Coaches/trainers like Andor of Volleyball1on1 gave proof we were going in on to something.

2018 is revealing everything we have been training for. For starters, offering 

  • Community Fitness Classes on the beach targeting all levels of training.
  • Athletic wear for athletes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Mobile app development, which combines the power of Train, Track and Transform into one location. Your phone. With access to group training and volleyball training all across the world.
  • Community donation to projects aimed at Homeless Veterans from Los Angeles or abroad to Balinese children in Bali, Indonesia.

Learning how to live in peace, partnership and brotherhood has been huge in this part of my transformation. Yes, this is a moving and fascinating experience. What is at the base of all of this? For me, it begins with this agreement. 

  1. Don’t take anything personally.
  2. Life is a Practice, Practice, and more Practice.
  3. Connect with empathy while realizing that we are all our way somewhere.
  4. Demonstrating what it looks like to be a powerful conduit that progresses oneself and others through whatever part of their journey they are on is priceless.
  5. Leaning towards acceptance of myself and others has steered me through moments from regret into gratitude.

Take care out there!


Thomas Andrews

Creator / Owner / Trainer

T3 PowerReady offers more than just our all-in-one exercise equipment. We’re building a fitness community one blog post, one fitness class, & one member at a time! Contact us today to schedule a free health & fitness consultation to learn how you can “Stay Ready so you don’t gotta get ready.”