There are many amazing places to explore, heal and test ourselves against and with nature. Presently, we, human beings, are being tested in a way that many of us have never seen or felt.

We are required to go into our homes, into our families, and if we are fortunate, into our innermost selves. My journey, is to use the door of fitness to open a path that will not only support and enhance your physical change but spiritual as well. I love indoor gyms, but they are closed presently. Everything we are accustomed to enjoying is closed. Its almost like we are funneled to sit with ourselves. Earth is putting us on time out! However, don't feel punished, some of our greatest people, thinkers, leaders, athletes, have found the inspiration to triumph all, after going inside. We can too. Come along with us and experience the difference while learning the many benefits of using the Earth as Our gym.


Create simple, efficient lifestyle products and services, using the Earth as our Gym, to train, track and transform in all dimensions of wellness anywhere, anytime.


About me


I am Thomas, the creator of T3 PowerReady.

Thank you for being here. A bit about me: I grew up in Ohio, during the 60-70s. We laughed, played, ran, and occasionally shed a few tears, but we stayed fit! Even while drinking and partying, we stayed fit. For some, it was a phase, for me it was my life. While others grew up, went to college, married and had families, I continued to laugh, play, and run.

Then one day, it all stopped. I sat and asked questions about who I really was... why do I keep running...what life do I want to live... and what contribution am I here to make? That's when the real crying began. I was 40+ years old, fat, depressed and out of shape, with no real answers, so I thought. Much later, I discovered through sobriety that my experiences were useful--for myself and for others who are open to hear.

Today, I am an International Certified Fitness Trainer through NASM and a student at Santa Monica College. As a trainer, I have helped people from U.S, Singapore, and Bali, experience change.

We all have our fears and coping mechanisms. I coped with alcohol. What do you do? This challenge is a step to overcoming those fears, and learning about yourself. I lost my brother Bruce during Covid 19. This fitness journey is dedicated to the memory of him, my brother Greg , and my father Tassie Sr. and all those who have lost someone to a battle with mental health. Fitness opened up a path for me to learn true balance through wellness.

Let's open up a similar path for you.