Group beach fitness on Double Six beach in Seminyak in Bali. We have always sought to connect with the earth andaand heal from the inside/out. Also pictured is our first bags were made from 100% cotton BurlapFrom Bali, to Singapore, Atlanta, Cincinnati and now California, we seek to share the immense benefits of a beach workout. Training in sand allows our body to burn 1.5x more calories in comparison to indoor gym training. Come out out with us!

Our Story

began on the island of the Gods...Bali

While working out in a gym one day, I paused and asked myself, why am I here, indoors working out and not outside at the beach? 

Nature is the ultimate anti-aging solution.

So, I thought, what could I design that was portable, compact and versatile and can be used for beach fitness? 

Not just for myself, but for all of the people who visit Bali and love being on the beach. 

I started with logs from cut down trees. Hard to carry on a bike, lol. I remember, I am an artist, my momma taught me how to sew, so lets make something. 

This was the birth of Earth is Our Gym and today its called the T3 Bag 

Build community
Our Mission

With people who recognize the benefits of beach fitness for overall health, vitality and wellness. Whose bodies and lives thrive when they:

1. Reduce body inflammation 

2. Reducing depression 

3. Improving stability 

4. Inspiring "good feelings" through Serotonin release.

5,. Improved Sleep quality 

Sprints on the beach are a big part of our beach fitness classes. Not only is it a great cardio burn, but it is a great way build camaraderie, will competing in fun with other attendees. Come experience the difference with a beach workout.
Sharing what we have learned with those coming behind us is a part of our mission. I was privileged to share with the kids of the I/A/L/F school in Bali, Indonesia. It is our responsibility to share with our younger generation.
The earth is our gym and our beach fitness crew came together to clean up a portion of Venice Beach. This is how we do it.
Begins with HOW
Our Core Values

Honesty, Openminded and Willingness

Being honest about where one is today, Open minded about the steps to change and the Willingness to take those steps.

We seek to practice and connect with:

1. Empathy for ourselves and fellows

2. Accountability

3. Humility

4. Simplicity
5. Love-cures all but starts with self.

What we offer

Our Products

With over 35+ years in the fitness industry, our products are designed to reflect efficiency, versatility, durability and all the safety necessary to create your personal fitness needs.

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Our Workouts

Are designed to challenge any age participant. At 60 years of age, I have the benefit of being where most people want to be. Healthy, fit and strong.

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Our People

Love the outdoors! They understand the benefits of beach fitness. Our goal is to share with them how everything they do on the sand can be done at home, office or the park. 

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Contact us

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