All-In-One Workout Equipment

If you have fitness goals, the T3 Powerbag and corresponding app offers a simple, portable solution to help you reach optimal health.

The T3 PowerBag replaces exercise equipment clutter, gives you more than 500 options for working out and is a multifunctional duffel.

  • Get fit in as little as 90 minutes a week, without ever setting foot in a gym.

  • The T3Powerbag compacts into a 10x4 inch roll—storage is never a problem.

  • T3Powerbag comes with an online customizable training portal, a fitness and nutrition tracker, and a community of avid fans.

  • Increase stability, core strength and mobility with one tool.

  • Spine-safe design—its ergonomically created to keep the spine in a neutral position.

  • Building muscle decreases depression, prevents heart and neurodegenerative diseases, decreases the risk of diabetes, and even delays aging.