Began on the beaches of Bali. Where, while working out in a gym one day, I paused and looked around only to ask myself, why am I here, indoors? 

When all earths' beauty and challenges are really out there!

Why can't I workout on the beach and let the earth be my gym?

So, I thought, what could I design that could carry sand or water for resistance? 

Not just for myself, but for all of the people who truly love the outdoors. 

What could I make that would help me create memories on this 

beautiful paradise beach? 

I didn't want to lug weights to the beach.   It had to be portable, compact, expandable, versatile and used our natural elements.   

This was the birth of Earth is Our Gym and today-T3!


Our design had to be  portable, durable, versatile, compact and easy to use. We began with burlap cotton material with string and cut garden hose to make the handles. We were in iteration mode the entire way. Make 10-20 then improve. Always looking for ways to make the end product easier and safer for others. In March of 2013 we had our first portable bag  (pictured here). Compact and easy to carry to the beach, fill it with 100lbs of sand, workout out, empty it then go about your day! It was beautiful!


Fitness has evolved so much on the island of Bali since 2012. Upon return to the United states, there was the opposite challenge. Everyone loved gyms! Don't get me wrong. I do as well! But the best things that can occur within our bodies happens out outside. Sun kissed faces with the vitamin D lips. iconic views,  and the feel of health emanating through our body as our feet ground in powder soft sand. The time is the time to heal our bodies from the inside out. 

Our mission statement

We are committed to creating simple, efficient lifestyle products and services, using the earth as our gym to train, track and transform in all dimensions of wellness. 

Anywhere, anytime.

Our team