T3 OnLine

This Earth is Our Gym. There are many amazing places to explore, heal and test ourselves against and with nature. Right now, nature has put humanity to the greatest test: pause and recalibrate.

In our time of pause, the earth has been slowly healing itself. Dolphins and swans have been spotted in the canals of Venice in what locals claim is the first time in years. In Wuhon, China, citizens are breathing clean, clear air for the first time in a long span. The Earth has been healing itself and it's time for us to join the cause.

At T3, we believe that you can heal from anywhere and anytime. With the sudden closures of beaches, gyms, and bustling city life, we are bringing the training to you.

We're creating a 2-week trial group on Facebook for all our supporters to join in and work out while they "quarantine and chill". We'll be live online with you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from:

  • 7 AM - 8 AM (PST)

To join, just click the link below and request to join our group. Sign up today to see what we're about