Personal Training Session

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Personal Training Session - Train Track Transform with T3 Power Ready

Your body will burn more calories out here on the sand than training in any gym. 1.5x more. If your goal is to improve your running technique, muscle connection, reduce inflammation then come to the beach. We train under the fortifying sun, breathing fresh air while our feet move through powder-soft sand. All of this surrounding by glistening pacific ocean views. Join me in an outdoor beach session where we will dynamically warm-up, train and finish with a cool-down stretch. 

We have hand sanitizer, yes, but in addition, we utilize the healing element of the earth to rejuvenate and strengthening our cells, while we use our Patent Pending T3 Bags, bands and body weight to strengthen our core, glutes, abs, back etc. Experience the difference in outdoor fitness. 

Are you interested in more accountability? Then wear your Apple or Fitbit heart rate monitor and let's get accountable.

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