T3 Bag Combo set - T3-Train Track Transform

T3 Bag Combo set

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Combine the benefits of both bags with this package. Open your training up to the ultimate in versatility. Perform over 200+ movements with this combination. Move efficiently through your routine with dropdown sets, (heavy to light), train push-pull muscles, establish a travel set system and/or call your partner to train anywhere at any time. Perfect for a beach outing, or if you are new to the lifestyle of personal training.

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Living in Bali, the outdoors was amazing. Carrying weights to the beach was too much! I thought, what could be designed that was portable, safe, easy-to-use and can be filled with 100lbs sand?


“The T3 Power Bag is an absolute must for any serious athlete and a staple for anyone beginning their journey in the health and wellness lifestyle

Jordan J.

The bag, the program, the journey.  T3-Power ready is truly a process that has built layers and layers of strength, stability and structure into my training where there was almost none.....

Jill R.

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